Tower of London

One of London's most popular tourist attractions, the Tower has hosted many famous prisoners.

Brief: Create web copy that piques curiosity and entices people to go on a Twilight tour of the Tower of London.

Solution: The reader is asked to use their imagination, immediately putting them at their unease. The Tower’s bloody history is used to ramp up the tension and give an eerie sense of foreboding to the idea of being in such a creepy place after dark. The ‘Beefeater’ tour and the closely guarded secrets add an element of mysterious exclusivity which serves to bring in the morbidly curious punters, thrill seekers and London Dungeon fanatics.

Client: Historic Royal Palaces
Services: Website copy
Format: Digital

Visit the Tower at night. If you dare…

Follow in the footsteps of a medieval traitor as you enter the grounds of the Tower shrouded in darkness and eerie silence.

With exclusive after-hours access, Yeoman Warders will regale you with tales of the royal prisoners and gruesome executions that have made the Tower one of the most infamous buildings in the world.

Take in notorious sights such as Traitors’ Gate, the Scaffold Site and the Bloody Tower, and prepare to be appalled and amazed by the mysteries forever enshrined within these ancient walls. What secrets will you discover?

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